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How to Organically Care for Your Pet

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Dry skin on cats

There are many cat and dog skin conditions and treatments that are available for various skin irritation on dogs or cats. Natural pet shampoo is a great remedy for things like itchy skin in dogs. Using a natural pet shampoo will ensure that your pet isn’t being doused in chemicals and other harmful toxins. Here are some other ways that you can take care of your pets in an organic and natural manner.

You may not have heard this one before but if there is dirt stuck to your pet, especially something oily or greasy, before using natural pet shampoo, you can put dry cornmeal on the coat and rub it in. After letting it sit for a few minutes, Continue Reading No Comments

Doggie Dental Health Why It’s More Important Than You Think

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Pet spay clinic

It’s common knowledge that practicing good dental hygiene is extremely important for humans, but did you know that it’s important for pet safety as well? As crazy as it may sound, dental care for your dog or cat by brushing your cat or dog’s teeth can help provide a better quality of life for your pet and making sure they’re eating well with a balanced diet is just as important for their lifestyle as it would be for you to have a balanced diet. You don’t want your pet to suffer, but if their oral hygiene is neglected, your pet could have infected gums, rotting teeth, and other things that make them truly miserable. Bad breath is certainly an indicator that your pet might have something wrong with t

Dog Dating and You — How You May Be Able to Ease Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

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Doggy dating website

In America, we love keeping pets. We care about our pets more than almost any other nation on Earth, so much so that visitors often remark at how kind and loving people in the United States are towards their animal friends.

In fact, we empathize with our animals as much as, or perhaps more, than we typically do with other people. According to a study conducted by AAHA in 2000, 44% or so of pet owners claimed to have acquired a pet at some point purely because they wanted a way to keep one of their already existing pets company.

With cats and dogs in particular, humans have a very close relationship. A huge percentage of Americans own either a cat or a dog (or both), and we go to comparatively great lengths to learn more about them, keep them happy, and enjoy our time with them as much as possib

Every Cat Owner Needs to Be Aware of This Common Cat Problem

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Pet animal hospital

Cat lovers in England are rejoicing this week. A cat cafe in Manchester, England, have a ridiculously amazing job available: a ?cat nanny? for its resident felines. Job duties for this position include playing games with both the cats and their cafe visitors, cleaning the litterboxes, as well as after-hours care for cats who haven?t gotten out all their energy during the day. ?Our cats are ridiculously needy so they like a lot of attention,? explained Ellie Close, the cat cafe?s co-founder.

While you may not have a job in a cat cafe anytime soon (though who knows what the future holds!), you may currently have a full-time ?cat mom? job anyway. Cat owners are a notorious bunch. They love their felines and often stop seeing the numerous stray hairs that end up clinging to their clothing. Many new owner

Should I Breed My Thoroughbred Dog? Why Millions of Dogs With Pedigrees are Euthanized Yearly

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Dog dental phoenix

Recent studies indicate that for every person born in America, there are more than 40 cats and 15 dogs. Understanding the importance of spaying or neutering your pet can do more than help regulate the pet population: spay and neuter procedures could also spare pets from cancer and urinary tract infections. Every year, local and state governments spend millions to control stray animals; owners are advised to return unwanted pets to local animal shelters for both pet and public safety.

Surprisingly, pets are at risk for breast cancer, prostate cancer, urinary tract diseases, and other forms of cancer. Neutering a puppy at a dog vet clinic is a procedure best performed at the age of two months, or when the puppy reaches approximately three

The Benefits of the Leading Boarding Kennels

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The idea of a pets animal hotel probably sounds either cute or ridiculous, but for pet owners, pets animal hotels provide a much needed service. Despite the fact that all good, thoughtful pet owners want to spend as much time as possible with their beloved pets, there are times when they need to be away from home and cannot bring them along.

Whether pet owners are leaving the country or staying at the homes of their grouchy, old, animal-loathing step in-laws, the very best doggy daycares and boarding kennels allow them to rest assured that their four-legged friends are well cared for when they are called away. After all, no pet owner want their dog to spend long days held captive in steel cages.

According to the American Veterin

Taking Care of a Pet Is Not Always Easy Good Thing We Have Tips

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Pet safety tips

Do you subscribe to any pet magazines? Okay, since you don’t have the dog just yet, I guess there’s no reason for you to. But, once you do get a dog, you should definitely consider subscribing to one. Or just go online and do some research on pet tips.

It is super important to look up the right and wrong ways to raise and train your impending pooch. Even those things that you think are perfectly harmless may not be that good. If this is your first dog, do yourself, and everyone else, a favor and do a little research first.

  • Best Family Pet Care Tips
  • Dogs are a lot of responsibility. If you have younger children, getting a dog can be a fantastic way to help them learn about it. But, if this is the first dog of the household, you need to be prepared to walk them through the care p