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Protecting Your Dog Against Heartworm Disease

Written by Free Pet Magazine on . Posted in Food safety testing analysis, Veterinary clinical diagnostics, Veterinary laboratory supplies

Heartworm antigen test

If you own a dog, you know just how loving they can be. Dogs — man’s best friend — can bring the best out of any person, managing to make the most of even the worst days. Whether greeting you at the door after a long day of work or excitedly attempting to meet you while out for a walk with their owner, dogs have this magic ability to bring a smile to the face of nearly any person. It’s no surprise that over 70 million dogs are owned by Americans.

While their hearts are just so big — willing to give love to any and everyone, it can sometimes lead towards problems. This isn’t in the way that a dog might accidentally jump up on someone that’s deathly afraid of dogs, or accidentally letting a group of robbers into your home while you’re not there to stop them, rather, it’s that a lot of dogs are s