How to Handle Pet Obesity

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Health of dog breeds

Owning a pet requires dedication, commitment, and in depth pet care. There are basic responsibilities involved with pet care, including vaccinations, medical care, food, and water. There are also additional pet care responsibilities that may be required, depending on your pet?s current needs and health. A commonly overlooked health condition that many pet owners ignore is obesity. Similar to humans, pets need to maintain a healthy weight for optimal health. If you have a pet that is struggling with weight, remember these important weight control factors.

Most pet obesity cases are directly related to their diet. Many pets are not as active as humans, and thus, have a harder time keeping the weight off. Cats especially have a lower activity level with many cats sleep

Four Tips for Caring for Your Older Dog

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Cat insurance cost

For many families who own dogs, these little (or not so little!) animals become well-loved members of the family. This is particularly true of pets who come into the family when the children are young. Puppy and child grow up together, and the beloved pet becomes an important part of childhood. But just as children grow up, so do the pets. Just how different is caring for older dogs? Here are some suggestions to consider.

Rest and Exercise

One of the obvious changes in older dogs is that they lack the high energy level that puppies posses. You may notice decreased energy during daily walks, playtime in the backyard or at the p