Can Dogs Have Skin Allergies?


Pet nutrition is very important. Like humans, our pet dogs may develop allergies to many things around them, including their food. Of course, nutrition for pets is something an owner should look into.

Perhaps you are looking for foods for dogs with skin allergies. Therefore, in this blog, you will better understand dog food for dogs with skin allergies.

Causes of Dog Allergies

When your dog suffers from allergies, chances are it could make them miserable. Like humans, dogs can have allergic reactions to many things, from environmental allergens like pollen, dust, mould, or grass to food allergens.

It would be challenging at first, especially in figuring out the allergens that a pup is reacting to. The vets may offer suggestions for ruling out common allergens and getting to the bottom of dogs’ allergies.

Once you and the veterinarian come to a conclusion, know that it is the food-based allergy that will cause the dog to suffer. The best course of action is to eliminate ingredients that cause the allergy from the pup’s diet.

Food Solutions for Dog Allergies

Foods for dogs with skin allergies have two options:

– Limited Ingredient Food

These are food you can feed a dog to ensure they avoid allergens.

– Hypoallergenic Food

Uses unique protein sources that aren’t recognized by the dog’s antibodies. It means they won’t cause a reaction.