How to Organically Care for Your Pet


Dry skin on cats

There are many cat and dog skin conditions and treatments that are available for various skin irritation on dogs or cats. Natural pet shampoo is a great remedy for things like itchy skin in dogs. Using a natural pet shampoo will ensure that your pet isn’t being doused in chemicals and other harmful toxins. Here are some other ways that you can take care of your pets in an organic and natural manner.

You may not have heard this one before but if there is dirt stuck to your pet, especially something oily or greasy, before using natural pet shampoo, you can put dry cornmeal on the coat and rub it in. After letting it sit for a few minutes, brush it out and then proceed with the natural pet shampoo procedure. Cornmeal absorbs all kinds of things and makes shampooing a much easier job. The cornmeal process is pretty messy so it’s recommended to do outside. The best thing about cornmeal, is it the pet decides to taste it, it will cause them no harm.

Essential Oils
Especially lavender essential oil is great to put in pet beds in order to repel fleas and ticks. You can even put it on your actual pet to get rid of mites and infections and heal wounds. It’s perfectly safe to be ingested internally if your pet has a cut inside the mouth also. Another use for essential oil is to make your own toxic free flea collar out of a piece of fabric and several drops of essential oils.

Pumpkin seeds
This one is pretty interesting. The science behind it is not proven but pumpkin seeds can actually get rid of worms in our pets. Dogs especially have a habit of sniffing and licking everything that’s on the ground which makes them a lot more vulnerable to different kinds of worms. If you ground up some pumpkin seeds every couple of months and add them to your dogs food then the worms will be expelled, even tapeworms.

We don’t know that it’s important for humans to get sunshine on a daily basis because it produces vitamin D in our bodies but this is the same for pets as well. The problem with pets not getting enough vitamin D is that it can begin to cause I envision problems. If your pet is an indoor pet and make sure they have a bright and sunny spot to lay in every day in order to produce that vitamin D in their bodies.

Animals typically love the smell of cedar which is very convenient because cedar can repel ticks and fleas in our pets. Pet stores usually provide cedar but it is very expensive and the kind that you can get from your local home improvement store will be cheaper and do the job just as well.

Again, this is not a proven method but if your dog has oily or greasy substances stuck in his coat then you can use cornmeal and brush it into his coat. After leaving it for a few minutes, brush it out and then continue with the natural pet shampoo procedure. Cornmeal absorbs all kinds of things which makes washing your pet a lot easier after you use the cornmeal. However this is quite a messy process so you’ll probably want to do it outside. The best thing about using cornmeal is that if the animal decides to taste what is on his coat it will do him no harm.

Now, it’s good to keep in mind that most of these tips are pertaining to dogs so if you have a cat or another pet that you would like to try these on, I would suggest doing further research and clearing it with your vet before hand, just in case. They may be perfectly safe but it’s better to find out.

It is important to take care of our pets as naturally and organically as we can, no matter it’s if it a cat or a dog or another type of animal. They deserve a chemical and toxin free life just as much as we do. They will suffer from much less ailments and conditions if they receive that kind of care compared to another animal that is not.