Showing off a Quaker Style Chicken Coop


In this video you will learn all about a Quaker style chicken coop. An expert will guide you through all of the features of the chicken coop, giving you an in-detail tour. He shows you all of the details of the coop and you will get a close-up of everything, as well as an explanation for how each design element helps with convenience in taking care of the chickens.

Video Source

The expert uses this specific type of Quaker style chicken coop, so you can be sure that he has all the best information to share since he himself uses it on a daily basis.

The video will not only show you the layout of the chicken coop, but also how it works. As it goes through each feature, the expert shows you exactly how they all work and how you can use them. He gives the dimensions of different aspects, shares solutions to common concerns or dispels them completely, and offers ideas for how you can customize your own chicken coop to better suit your needs.