The Costs of Owning a Horse


Owning a horse is no little responsibility. You have to make sure to water and feed your horse regularly. There ae a lot of expenses that you need to be able to account for. Before you buy a horse, you should make sure that all of these costs can fit well into your budget. For example, you may want to call your local vet to find out how much healthcare expenses would be. It often comes as a surprise to many people how expensive horse medical bills can be.

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If you can not quite afford the price of a horse right now, you may be tempted to purchase a horse on lease. Yes, this is a real thing. However, it is also a real danger. If you are not careful, this lease can snowball into more debt on top of what you already can not handle. This is why it is important to be debt free before purchasing a horse or any other large expense that is simply for fun. Until then, your main objective is getting out of debt completely and saving money for fun things like this. You can’t care for your horse until you care for your finances.