Cleveland dog boarding —- [FREE VIDEO]


When you have a dog that you need to board, there are a number of options. When you first consider where to board a dog, you may immediately think of looking at affordable kennels for boarding. However, there are other choices available.

You can use an all breeds pet motel that will likely give your pet more personalized care. There are also places that specialize in boarding pets while shopping. All of these options are available at different price points.

If your first concern is the price of boarding, you can compare the animal boarding rates of each facility to each other. Just call and ask for the daily/nightly rate. Most boarding facilities charge for a full day of boarding even if the dog is only there for part of the day. Paying around $20 per day is pretty typical for boarding a medium-sized dog, but it can be much more if the dog is large. Larger dogs require larger kennels, more space to run, and need more food. Once you get used to a boarding facility, you can use it every time you need to board your furry friend. Your dog may even get excited about going to the facility.


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