Elbow Tendonitis Brace And Back Pads Giving Your Pets Much-Needed Comfort During The Winter


We all get stiff joints and aching limbs once in a while. From age, from cold, doesn’t matter. The elbow tendonitis brace and warm blanket is nearly irreplaceable for some…

…and animals get a lot of benefits, too. Just like us, your dog and horse wants to live comfortably and confidently. When they start to show signs of a chronic issue it’s only natural for you to look into a long-term solution to keep their condition from getting worse. There are a lot of wonderful products you can look into during the holiday season, whether for yourself or for a close friend worried about their animals. Which ones would be best to last the winter?

Check out the list below and learn about some useful resources you can use to keep your animals cozy year-round.

Pet Ownership In America

Americans love their pets. It’s estimated most households in the country have at least one, with many having several cats and dogs under one roof. Horses, fish, and birds are also rather common, with one study estimating seven million people riding horses every year. A great gift idea for yourself or for a family member is looking into resources that can mitigate chronic issues as they arise. The elbow tendonitis brace, equine horse boots, and braces for calves are a few that can be taken out at a whim.

Common Contributors To Stiffness And Soreness

What causes your dog to limp or your horse to shiver with discomfort? An important detail to remember is that different animals show different pain. When a horse is injured, for example, posture is often the first clue an owner has to something being wrong. This includes, but isn’t limited to, shifting weight from side-to-side, refusing to move at all, and refusing to bear any weight. Age, extreme cold, or a recent injury can all contribute to your animal being less than their best.

Elbow Tendonitis Brace

Here’s a good idea to give your furry friend some relief. The elbow tendonitis brace is used for humans and for animals, putting less stress on the elbow and offering more freedom in exchange. A bowed tendon can be the result of chronic stress or a recent injury, with horses need anywhere between eight and 11 months to heal. Another study found 75% of dogs struggling with severe dysplasia and arthritis can still live comfortably with ongoing management. Heated gloves for arthritis can be supplemented with the elbow tendonitis brace for maximum comfort.

Best Blanket For Horses

Another great idea for winter is getting a horse fleece blanket. The snow isn’t kind to anybody, especially animals that reside in a stable all night long, and a thick blanket designed to absorb the body’s temperature will be a gift well received. There are over 400 breeds of domestic horse, all of whom are classified as grazers and all of whom need a little support during the chilly season. You can also look into a horse leg brace or horse neck cover if they’re showing some signs of discomfort. Last, but not least…

Snug Back Pad

…when’s the last time you used a back pad to get yourself through the work week? The back brace is sturdy and reliable, able to be worn throughout the day or during a flare-up. While all dogs have the ability to succumb to a back issue, purebreds like German Shepards and Dachshunds are even more likely due to the slope of their spine. Labradors have remained the most popular dog breed for five years in a row, according to a recent study. Make sure to double-check the size so the back pad doesn’t slip or fit on too snug.

We all come down with issues, but a little support goes a long way. Look into an elbow tendonitis brace or dog wrist brace this holiday season to spread the cheer around.