Loving Your Dog Taking Care Of The Family Pet


Loving Your Dog: Taking Care Of The Family Pet

It goes without saying that your family pets are more than just pets, they are family. In fact, a whopping 45% of dogs sleep in their owners bed in the U.S. alone. While these pets join our every day lives, it makes sense that we are treating them like our own children. With more and more adults being out of the home for longer hours every day, and traveling for work purposes, it only makes sense to take care of them while you are away. Choosing a great dog daycare can be the best way to keep your little friend occupied on a daily basis while you are busy at work, and picking a dependable dog boarding service can serve at your pets home away from home when you are traveling for extended periods of time. In addition, most adults don’t have the time to groom their dogs. Between work, the house cleaning, and the kids, who has time? Choosing a great grooming service is another way to show your pups that you care.

How To Choose A Good Dog Boarding Service

Choosing a good dog boarding service is all about evaluating the property where the dogs will be held and also the staff’s experience handling dogs. The staff should be familiar with proper ratios when it comes to caring for the dogs. These ratios include 1:10 while inside and 1 handler to 15 dogs while outside. These ratios keep the animals safe and ensure the staff member is able to adequately care for each and every dog. In addition, take into consideration your dogs age and health status. For example, puppies that are 8 to 12 weeks old need to eat 4 times per day. Does the kennel staff account for these specialized meal times? Are they familiar with the needs of a puppy, or elderly dog? With 9,000 boarding kennels across the United States and Canada, be sure to do your due diligence and research any potential kennels for your pups.

Do You Need A Dog Grooming Service?

With over 75 million pet dogs in the United States alone, it is no wonder that grooming services is a booming industry. Finding a good dog grooming service is very similar to choosing a great boarding facility. Lots of times, you can find a dog grooming service and boarding facility all in one! Whether you are taking your dog to one or two places for services, be sure to research all factors. When it comes to choosing a dog grooming service, make sure the staff members are educated on dog safety. When a dog is flustered, it can take around 300-400 pants without much effort. A reliable dog grooming service should be familiar with this and educated on the dog breeds more likely to have breathing issues during the stress caused by grooming.

The absolute most important part of finding a good dog grooming service and dog boarding service is doing your own research! Local businesses often allow you to come to the facility and check it out with your pet, so see how they fare while you both are there. Professional dog groomers should have a strong background in dog grooming and dog safety, and the staff at boarding facility should have experience handling multiple dogs at once. Dogs are just like your family, so why not treat them with the same respect and cautiousness?