Taking a Look At The Importance Of Veterinary Care For Your Pets


Cats are incredibly common here in the United States, as are dogs. In fact, more than thirty eight million households all throughout the United States have at least one cat, and many more have a dog as well. Some families will even invest in other kinds of pets, like lizards, turtles, and fish. These pets are great for those who are living in smaller spaces and don’t necessarily have the room (or the permission, in the case of those living in apartments that are not pet friendly) to accommodate a dog or even a cat. But no matter what kind of animal you own, it’s important to care for them well, taking them to a veterinarian on a regular basis. In the case of some animals, a specialty veterinarian might even be necessary.

A specialty veterinarian is likely to be able to care for animals that are a little bit outside of the norm. For instance, a specialty veterinarian might have more expertise in animals who are a part of the lizard family, as well as larger animals like horses. A specialty veterinarian might also have additional knowledge in animals that have very specific and rare medical problems, and your regular veterinarian might even recommend you to go see as specialty veterinarian in the case that you animal or animals are diagnosed with such conditions. While a specialty veterinarian might cost more, it is more likely than not that their services will be well worth the additional charge.

But for most pet owners here in the United States, seeking the services of a specialty veterinarian will not likely be necessary, though it’s always good to have veterinary options for veterinary services. Regardless of whether or not you need a specialty veterinarian, taking your animals to see a vet, even just a regular one, on a consistent basis is incredibly important, especially if your pet is still considered to be a baby like a puppy or a kitten. For kittens and puppies alike, getting vaccines is as important as it is for human babies. Until your puppy or your kitten reaches about four months of age, it is critical that you bring them in about once a month (but sometimes every three weeks) in order to get them vaccinated on schedule. This will help to protect them from disease for their entire lives and will save you money and heartache in the future, even though there is likely to be a vaccine fee in the current moment.

Once your pet has reached their adult years, it is unlikely that it will be necessary for them to go in to a see a vet, specialty veterinarian or otherwise, on such a regular basis. However, much as it is for humans, it is important that they are taken in for a wellness check up at least once a year, though some vets will even like to see the animals in their care twice in a year instead of just once. One thing that your vet will be looking out for is early signs of dental disease, which typically make themselves known by the time that a cat or dog reaches the age of three, which is still a relatively young age for both species of animal. This dental disease, which has been found to be present in eighty percent of dogs and seventy percent of cats by the aforementioned age, can lead to a number of unpleasant consequences for animal and owner alike, from dental abscesses, painful and sometimes even dangerous if left untreated, to loose teeth. Of course, chronic pain is more likely than not to become a consistent part of the lives of those cats and dogs who deal with untreated dental disease.

Taking care of your animals, be they cats or dogs or geckos, is hugely important. After all, the quality of life of your animal will dictate a lot of things about your own life, and loving pet owners of course want the best for the animals under their care. Seeing a vet on a regular basis is a common way to protect your pet’s overall health.