Every Cat Owner Needs to Be Aware of This Common Cat Problem


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Cat lovers in England are rejoicing this week. A cat cafe in Manchester, England, have a ridiculously amazing job available: a ?cat nanny? for its resident felines. Job duties for this position include playing games with both the cats and their cafe visitors, cleaning the litterboxes, as well as after-hours care for cats who haven?t gotten out all their energy during the day. ?Our cats are ridiculously needy so they like a lot of attention,? explained Ellie Close, the cat cafe?s co-founder.

While you may not have a job in a cat cafe anytime soon (though who knows what the future holds!), you may currently have a full-time ?cat mom? job anyway. Cat owners are a notorious bunch. They love their felines and often stop seeing the numerous stray hairs that end up clinging to their clothing. Many new owners, however, may not be totally familiar with all there is to cat ownership. Here?s some veterinarian advice for cats that any responsible cat owner should know.

Your Pet Should be Going to the Vet Every Year

Let?s face it: going to the vet is an easy trip to delay. You don?t really like it, your cat certainly doesn?t like it, and as far as you can tell, everything is fine. The thing is, cats are pretty good at hiding when something is wrong with them until it?s too late. Unlike a dog, they may not stop eating or act unusually lethargic. Leaving problems until they?re too late (animal kidney disease, for example, is common among older cats) can, unfortunately, reduce your pet?s lifespan. And once a cat is older than 10 years old, you should be receiving pet wellness exams twice a year to ensure good health.

Veterinarian Advice for Cats: A Fat Cat Really Isn?t a Healthy Cat

There?s no denying that a lot of cats are cute when they?re plump, and it might seem essentially harmless to have a fat cat around the house. However, there are a number of health risks associated with extra weight on a cat. Fat cats are more likely to experience diabetes, chronic skin conditions, lameness and liver disease. Other conditions, such as dental disease and cancer, are more likely to occur when cats are obese. It?s also worth noting that if your cat ever needs pet surgery, they are at an increased risk for complications. According to Vet Street, only about 1% of cat owners are aware that overweight cats have so many increased risks for these health problems.

Veterinarian advice for cats may not be as fun as a cat cafe, but in the end, it’s essential to follow in order to ensure that your kitty has a long and healthy life!