Four Things that Pet Magazines will Teach You About Cats


Pet magazines

Many cat owners are interested in learning more about caring for their cat. One way to understand more about your feline friend is reading pet magazines. What sort of information should you expect to find there?

First, there will probably be information about proper feeding for your cat. Many cats today are actually overweight because people either feed them too much, do not feed them the right sort of food, or do not actively engage their cats. Even older cats should get exercise every day, and younger cats should be encouraged to play. When it comes to food, wet food often has a lot more calories and is generally less healthy than dry food. Usually a half can of wet food is more than enough for a single meal. When it comes to dry food, use options that have been vet approved, even if they are more expensive. More nutritious food will help your cat live long, and be healthy.

Second, free pet magazines will remind you to always make sure your cat has clean water to drink. Too many owners forget to change the water everyday, or only add water to a bowl rather than take away. Water should be removed and renewed every day, and for this reason it is good to have a removal bowl that is not attached permanently to the food bowl. Otherwise, you will be discouraged from changing it.

Third, pet magazines will tell you that cats can actually go on leashes, though it will take some training and ideally begins when they are kittens. One tip for training your cat to accept the harness is to slip it on while allowing them to sniff at a screened door or window. They will learn to associate the harness with going outside and having fun, and will also offer less resistance while they are distracted. You do not need to walk your cat around the block, but allowing indoor cats to explore new ground is good.

Fourth, most pet magazines will advocate making sure your cat has identification on them, even if they are mostly or completely an indoor cat. Cat tags are good, as are embedded ID chips, which a woman found use for just this past week when her lost cat was returned to her after 13 years!