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If you have never owned a pet, it is impossible for you to understand the joys that pets bring to the lives of their owners. It is not surprising that dogs and cats are the two most popular pets in the United States. While cats are tops in terms of number owned, dogs are found in more American households than any other pet. Those who have never owned a dog probably wonder what it is about canines that 72 million households have at least one?

Before we answer that question, it first must be established that dog ownership is not only fun and games. Once glance through the top pet magazines, books, or other pet references will tell you that. It takes considerable time, money, and commitment for training, feeding, and regular veterinary care. In fact, if one is considering getting a dog, he or she should first consult dog books, dog websites, or free pet magazines to learn about the many responsibilities required of dog owners.

While the enjoyment of dog ownership cannot be denied, it is not for everyone. Just because you cannot seem to get enough of that cuddly Siberian Husky pup that your friend recently brought home, does not mean that you are prepared for the responsibility. If you like to spend a lot of time away from home or work long days, do not enjoy outside activities, cannot afford dog food or veterinary check ups, and are not willing to make some sacrifices, do not even consider it. This is why puppies make awful gifts, because one must be certain that he or she wants to own a pet; therefore, it is a decision only the prospective dog owner must make for himself or herself.

All dog books or pet magazines will tell you upfront, if you are considering becoming a dog owner, you should take ample time considering how dog ownership will impact your life. In fact, a dog will not only affect your life, he or she will change your it. A healthy dog will be a 24 hour, 7 day a week responsibility for at least 10 years. However, if you truly want a dog in your life, and are willing to commit to the necessary responsibilities, the rewards of dog ownership will be immeasurable.

Oh, and to answer the above question; dogs are the most loyal companions humans will ever have. No matter how owners look or feel, their dogs will always be eager to see them and sad to see them go. Not to mention that they have those unique “doggy qualities” that will keep their owners fascinated and entertained.