How Dog Therapy Products Can Provide Relief and Comfort


They’re large, friendly and cheerful. When you get home from work, they greet you like they haven’t seen you for a thousand years. They’re loyal and brave. And in turn, there isn’t anything you wouldn’t do for your lovable retriever. But there is one problem that baffles dog owners and veterinarians alike. Like other large-breed dogs, labs suffer from back and joint problems like arthritis and hip displasia. There’s no known treatment for these chronic conditions, but there are ways to provide relief. Therapeutic blankets, like horse polo wraps, can be comforting and offer both emotional and physical support to your best friend.

Why we love our pets
Even though we’ve come a long way from hunter gatherer lifestyles, dogs are still our faithful companions and friends. About 44% of all homes in the U.S. have a dog. Among dogs, Labrador retrievers are one of the favorite breeds. In fact, they’ve been the top favorite breed every year since 2013. It’s not difficult to see the reasons why.
Labs embody all the qualities we love about dogs – loyalty, cheerfulness, love, protection. There’s a deep instinctive bond between dogs and their owners, which is why any health problems for the pets are a major source of anxiety for their owners.

Health problems for large dogs
Unfortunately, large breed dogs like labs suffer from joint and hip problems like arthritis and hip displasia. These conditions are genetic, and there is no known cure. As many as one-fourth of all pet dogs in the U.S. suffer from some form of arthritis. For pet owners, it can be heartbreaking to watch the dogs’ heroic efforts to overcome the discomfort and to continue to be their playful, loving selves.
These problems can strike at any age, and invariably accompany the aging process. However, while these chronic conditions cannot be cured, they can be managed so that the dogs can live with a reasonable amount of comfort. In fact, with proper care and management, the majority or 76% of dogs who have severe dysplasia and arthritis can enjoy happy, active lives with their people.

How therapy products for dogs can help
Some types of natural medication can help reduce the discomfort of arthritis and hip displasia. Therapy dog products like blankets and therapeutic dog beds can provide comfort and support. Like horse polo wraps, they provide relief from the physical symptoms as well as emotional comfort. In some cases, dog arthritis braces may be used.
Around the house, it may be a good idea to keep a couple of therapeutic mattress pads so that your pet can be near you wherever you are, and still sit in comfort. If there are steps leading to your house, it may be a good idea to get a ramp to make the climb easier for the dog.

You love your dog and would do anything to make his life more comfortable. That’s why it can be so frustrating to see him dealing with the discomfort and limitations imposed by genetic conditions like arthritis and hip displasia. Using natural treatments and therapeutic products like beds and mattress pads can help relieve the physical symptoms. Therapy blankets, like horse polo wraps, can provide both physical and emotional comfort.