Pets Across America Appreciate the Need for Pet Tags


Cat id tags

The use of identification tags dates back to the 17th century during the American civil war, when soldiers used a piece of wood to create a tag and even put a hole in one end so they could be worn around the neck. Today, there are many uses for id tags including the all important use of pet tags. Dog id tags and cat tags are commonly used because of the abundance of domestic pet owners in the world and the likelihood a pet gets loose or strays too far away from home. Pet tags are an easy, sensible way to identify a pet and where to return them in the event they get lost.

Dog tags for dogs and dog tags for pets are also becoming more and more sophisticated by means of technological advances. One of the growing trends in the pet tags industry is the use of microchips, which is surgically inserted just underneath the animals skin, and act the same way pet tags do. A simple microchip reader can identify the name and address of the owner, name of the animal, and even health history can be read from these electronic pet ID tags.

Pet tags are also used to make people aware of the animal medical history. This is to prevent the spread of diseases such as rabies or other animal viruses that may potentially cause illness in humans by way of a bite or a scratch. One of the more likely scenarios in pet tags is to find a tag on an animal who has recently gotten lost that indicates they have their rabies vaccination. The different types of vaccines an animal can have listed on their pet tags varie4s but the most common is the rabies vaccine information. Visit here for more.