Rug Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners


Pets are great companions. They help us relieve stress and provide unconditional love. But owning a pet also means cleaning up after them. To ensure that your home stays clean and free from odors, follow these simple tips to get rid of pet urine on rugs.

Pet owners often face difficulties after their pets leave behind nasty footprints and stains on the carpets.

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Fortunately, some simple but effective methods can remove marinated pet urine stains from rugs and carpets. The best way to do rug cleaning is by using various cleaning solutions and appropriate tools.

Spray the area with large amounts of urine remover and let the liquid seep through the fibers of the carpet or rug. That eliminates the bacteria within the fibers of the rug that cause a terrible smell. Then use a dull metal spoon to scrub and agitate the stained area. Cover the area with folded towels and place a heavy book on top of it. Thus, the urine will be absorbed into the towels after a few hours, leaving the carpet sparkling clean. Repeat the process for the best results.