Understanding the Importance of Equine Infectious Anemia Virus Antibody Test Kits


Food safety

Although American society and humans in general have come a long way in terms of animal welfare and the treatment of animals as sentient beings, there is still a long, long way to go. It’s hard to believe that at one time, people actually believed that animals didn’t feel pain! Ironically, it still seems like that is true in some instances today, such as with the entire factor farming industry. Despite these setbacks however, animals are now finally beginning to get the treatment, love, and respect that they deserve. Thanks to advances in healthcare and veterinary laboratory services, food safety testing companies that no longer test on animals, and changing cultural values, animals are now viewed and treated more humanely than ever before.

A great example of advances in veterinary medicine and care is are equine infectious anemia virus antibody test kits, which it makes it easy to test for this potentially dangerous disease. Equine infectious anemia virus antibody test kits allow horse owners and caretakers to quickly and easily test for the presence of equine infections anemia, a common disease in horses that can lead to episodes of high fever, rapid weight loss, and other medical complications. There was a time when preventative veterinary medicine wasn’t always practiced, but now equine infectious anemia virus antibody test kits and other kinds of similar testing for other animals makes it easier than ever.

Take a look at these others ways in which equine infectious anemia virus antibody test kits and other advances in animal welfare are providing a better quality of life for animals.

Veterinary diagnostics are better and more accurate than ever

veterinary diagnostics companies are working around the clock to create testing that is more effective and less invasive than ever before. As medical advances for human healthcare and well being are made, so too are advances in veterinary care. Less invasive testing provides an easier and less stressful experience for the animal while delivering a more accurate result. And the sooner abnormalities are discovered, the sooner they can be treated. This allows animal caregivers and pet owners to better care for their beloved animal companions.

More people are living plant based lifestyles

If there’s ever been a time when it was cool to become vegan or vegetarian, it’s now! It goes without saying that the more people that switch to plant based diets and lifestyles, the less animals go to slaughter each year. Aside from the obvious humane and cruelty free benefits of going vegan or vegetarian, eating a plant based diet can dramatically improve one’s personal health and well being on all levels. Many people who have gone vegan reported better moods, increased cognitive abilities and awareness, and a great sense of empathy and feeling connected to animals and other people as well. Not to mention the fact that vegans and vegetarians are much less likely to suffer from chronic diseases that are directly linked to eating meat, which is high in artery clogging saturated fat.

Social media is spreading the word about animal cruelty and animal abusers

Thanks to the social media, more and more people are becoming aware of the animal cruelty practices in the factory farming industry, cosmetic industry, the entertainment industry, and other industries in which animals are mistreated. Although many of the videos and images shown on social media are graphic, they serve as a wake up call to people who are blind to the fact of how animals are really treated. And because of social media, animals abusers and corporations that abuse animals have been brought to justice as social media activists organize protests and petitions in order to right the wrongs of animal abuse.