What to Bring Outdoors with Your Dog


Dog waste station

Being outside with the special dog in your life is a rewarding event. Interacting with your dog on a perfect day is tough to beat. You might not need to bring much outside for your comfort and safety. However, dogs are different creatures than we are with different needs. It’s understandable to be unaware of what to bring during a walk with man’s best friend. In this post, you will learn four items every dog needs during long walks.

  1. Dog Poop Bags

    One single gram of dog pop contains nearly 23 million fecal coliform bacteria. When your dog has to go, you want to be sure you are ready to dispose of the feces. One study found that nearly 40% of dog owners don’t pick up their pets’ droppings. No one wants to spend the day at a park to find themselves stepping in dog poo. Picking up dog poo isn’t beneficial for everyone around you, it could save you from a ticket. Cities impose fees as high $750 for not picking up your dog’s droppings while in a public location. Many public places have a fido station in place to help pet owners. A fido station is usually setup in public places and allows for dog owners to dispose of dog poo.
  2. Portable Water Supply

    You will definitely need to keep water handy, especially during the warmer months of the year. A dog is smaller than a human which means they need water often. There are plenty of portable water devices made for dog owners to bring along. Your dog will appreciate getting to have a nice drink of water during an outdoor play session. Certain dog owners may bring a portable bowl that they can fill outside. Other owners may prefer to use a feeding bottle that pours into the dog’s mouth.
  3. Bag of Treats

    The amount of treats you will bring depends on the length of your outdoor play session. A new dog owner may be attempting to train an animal on using the bathroom outdoors. Training your dogs often means using treats as a reward system. You will want to include a small bag of treats in your pocket while outside. Having the treats makes it easier to reward good behavior when you see it.
  4. Outdoor Play Equipment

    No day outside with your dog would be complete without a little play time. You will find there are all types of outdoor play equipment for dogs. It’s best to use equipment that is sized properly for your dog. For instance, a chihuahua shouldn’t use toys meant for large dogs. Likewise, a large dog won’t get much enjoyment out of toys meant for smaller breeds. Common types of outdoor dog play equipment include hoops, frisbees, and even entire obstacle courses. A dog hoop is a great first piece of outdoor equipment to use with your dog.

In closing, there are several items to bring when going outdoors with your dog. An animal isn’t going to wait until the time is right to use the bathroom. Having doggy poop bags will ensure your dog’s mess doesn’t become someone the problem of someone else. Many public places make use of a fido station for pet waste disposal. Playing outdoors can make you lose track of time. It’s always a safe idea to bring along water and treats for your dog. Your dog will naturally want to play and run free outside. Having a few pieces of outdoor dog play equipment will keep your pet entertained for hours.