Animal Care Specialists on Farms


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Animal care specialists provide an essential service to livestock farms. It’s a job with a broad range of responsibilities. If you’re interested in becoming an animal care specialist, watch the video above to get a better idea.

One responsibility of animal care specialists is to survey the systems in place and the farms and see how to make them better for the animals. Animal care specialists also help train farm staff to better treat animals and run the farm

With such a high number of animals, it’s also difficult to keep track of those having issues. The animal care specialist will use livestock paint as a marking to track animals who are having problems. This way they can continuously monitor them.

These behavioral studies can be conducted with universities to help educate the next generation of farmers. The information can also be shared with other farms to help them conduct their operations to the proper standards.

Overall, every day can introduce new problems and new situations for the specialist. They provide a level of professionalism. People buying products from livestock farms can be sure that they are getting products treated to the highest standard.