Common Health Problems that Most Dogs Could Have


Dog health problems that warrants a pet medical care

10. Heart Worms are transmitted through mosquito bites and causes coughing, fatigue, collapsing or depression.

9.Lyme Diseaseis transmitted by ticks that feeds on hosts blood. Signs of a parasites infested dog include fever, limping, renal or neurological disease.

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8.Heart Disease is common in old dogs as a result of heartworms and other healthy related issues.

7.Cancer Cancer is becoming more prevalent in dogs, especially older dogs. You may notice a lump, swelling, lesions or a sudden change in your animal’s behavior.

6. Arthritisis common in aged dogs and those diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Ensure your dog lean; takes medication and exercise regularly help with the muscles and joints.

5.Kennel Coughis transmitted between dogs and affects the dog’s breathing and voice box, which can cause pneumonia if left untreated. It presents itself as a harsh cough, sneezing, gagging and even vomiting.

4.Vomitingin dogs could be as a result of ingesting foreign objects, eating inappropriate food like grapes, viral infection, bacteria, parasite and pancreas inflammation.

3.Ear Infectionin dogs is caused by moisture buildup as a result of bathing or swimming, which creates a thriving environment for bacteria and yeast.

2.Obesityin dogs could lead to diabetes and joint diseases. Consider pet medical care with a complete food and exercise plan for your dog’s health.

1.Dental diseasenormally associated with stinky breath could lead to serious health problem like heart disease, kidney disease and diabetes in dogs.