Four Helpful Tips for Taking Pet Photos


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Because of the companionship and loyalty that the best family pets provide, nine out of 10 owners say that they consider their animals a part of the family, according to the American Humane Association. As a result, it should come as no surprise that about a third of dog and cat owners have pictures of their pets displayed prominently in their home, between 10 and 15% have a picture at work, and 10% actually carry a photo around in their wallet them. However, it can be difficult for owners to get a good shot of their pet, especially if they don’t like to sit still for too long. Fortunately though, there are some helpful pet photography tips that every owner can use to get a great shot that they will be proud to carry around or showoff.

Stay Ready

Much of the joy that pets create comes from the fact that they do so many random things that bring a smile to their owners’ faces. But because it is hard to predict when a dog will chase its tail or cat will sleep in a funny position, having the camera on hand is always a good idea. Staying prepared is one of the most helpful pet photography tips for owners who want a great candid shot.

Get Their Attention

If a pet owner wants a less spontaneous shot and just wants to get a nice profile of their pet, they will have to try to get their cat or dog to look at the camera. This is far easier said than done. While there is not one foolproof way to do that, making a funny noise or even waving a toy or treat around could do the trick.

Turn Off the Flash

For the most part, turning on flash can be very unflattering when photographing pets. Just like people they get red eye in pictures, and the flash could reflect off of the fur making it look awkwardly shiny and unpleasant. In a darker setting, bouncing the flash off of a wall or other surface could help mitigate some of those issues, but leaving it off is usually the best option.


Taking random shots is easy and can be done from any angle, but for the best shots of a pet, an owner might have to get into some pretty uncomfortable positions. For instance, to get a great shot of a dog chewing a toy in the yard, an owner might have to get down on all fours or lay in the grass. That might be a bit awkward, but it can go a long way towards getting the best photo possible.

There are far more pet tips for getting a great picture that can be found in pet magazines and online. Using them all might be a bit difficult, and, to some extent, getting a get shot of a pet requires a bit of luck. But using some pet photography tips can go a long way towards helping an owner get a photo that they will want to carry around with them to get a smile throughout the day.