How to Set Up a Safe, Public, Outdoor Dog Park


Those looking to set up an outdoor door park or an area at home for their pets to enjoy should consider artificial turf. It creates a great space for pets to enjoy and looks much better than natural grass. It also requires far less care.

Whether for big projects like athletic fields, apartment complexes, and dog parks, or smaller jobs like home installations and dog runs, artificial grass. The result is a beautiful new lawn that will look great with nearly no upkeep.

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You’ll need more than artificial turf, you’ll also need a source for porta potty rental in Greensboro for the dog owners.

If you are considering upgrading your outside area with artificial turf, the process is fast and easy.

  • The team will assess the area to determine the best type of artificial turf is best for the area.
  • They will remove the existing lawn and sod.
  • They will then fill the area with a base material and pack it down to create a good base.
  • The final step is laying down the new turf and securing it.

Watch the video above to learn more!