Pet Adoption How to Prepare for Your Puppy Meet and Greet


Are you ready to add a furry friend to your family? If so, it may be time to consider pet adoption. So many animals out there need a new home, and pet adoptions are a wonderful way to go. As you prepare for the new addition, here are some steps you should take to ensure that your puppy meet and greet goes well.

Buy a Personal Space for Them
While you should make sure your home is safe for your new puppy, you should also provide a personal space for them. Just like you need your comfortable bed and room to sleep in, you should also give the same consideration to your new puppy. Before your puppy meet and greet, try to find a 4×6 dog kennel that can provide a safe and comfortable space for them. A kennel isn’t necessarily a place to lock your dog up when they’re bad. There are many different types of dog kennels available such as outdoor kennels, portable ones, and indoor ones.

Do you think you’ll ever take your puppy on a road with you? If you need a secure enclosure for your dog, look into heavy-duty metal kennels. They’re portable and have a slide-out tray so you can easily clean up after their bathroom time. Another portable option is a soft-sided dog crate. These crates are collapsible in case you need to transport them and your dog. They’re often more lightweight than a steel option. Do you want to just keep it inside? No problem as it’s still a cozy place for your dog to rest normally.

You can find a kennel that also doubles as a playpen. Consider both wire and foldable pet playpens. Both options are very easy to assemble and take down. Wire playpens have a door that’s easy for your pet to access. They can accommodate different breeds of dogs, so make sure you find the right size for your pup.

Find a Dog Groomer

Regardless of breed, you want your little furry friend to always look good, right? So make sure you get a professional dog grooming expert on deck before your puppy meet and greet. Some dog breeds like poodles can be very hairy. Without good maintenance, dog hair can get out of control. You don’t want your dog’s beautiful hair to become tangled and marred with dirt and other debris. So keep your puppy camera ready by taking them for regular appointments with a dog groomer.

The groomer can save you the effort of shampooing your dog as they know how to do so safely and with the best shampoos to get rid of and prevent fleas. If your puppy’s toenails begin to look like Freddy Krueger, don’t be scared. Just take him to the groomer and they can safely handle it.

Locate a Nearby Animal Doctor
Don’t wait until you bring your puppy home to check for a vet. Start asking around for the best local vet services before your puppy meeting greet. Do you know any other dog parents? If so, ask them for a referral for their vet. You can also just start looking up online reviews to see which veterinarians are closest to you and have the best reviews. You want to make sure that your little fur ball is comfortable going to the vet that you choose. So you may also have to initiate a puppy meet and greet with the veterinarian to ensure it’s a good match.

Prepare to Brush Puppy Teeth
Do you know that dogs also need good dental care? Yes, they do. Oral hygiene is just as important to canines as it is to humans. So, in addition to taking your fur baby to the veterinarian, you should also do your part to keep their teeth clean. Check their mouth to see if you see any gum issues or abscesses. You never know, since dogs often like to bite and sniff into things inside and outside the house.

Have you ever heard the term dog breath as an insult? That’s because some dogs are capable of having breath that’s not enjoyable to breathe in. By brushing your pup’s teeth, you can help them avoid the canine version of halitosis. Like human teeth, their teeth can also develop plaque. If you’re not careful, they can also suffer tooth decay and gum disease. So make sure you buy a doggy toothbrush before your puppy meet and greet.

Start looking at your pet supply stores for a toothbrush specially made for a dog. These special dog toothbrushes come with a curved and long handle that makes it easier for you to reach into the back teeth of the long jaw of a dog. Try to remember to avoid using human toothpaste as it can cause problems for your pup. There’s a toothpaste that’s just meant for dogs, so make sure you stick to that.

One of the good things about having a puppy is you can get them quickly adjusted to things such as having their teeth brushed. The sooner you get them started with this activity, the sooner they’ll become used to having a feel of a toothbrush in their mouth and hopefully won’t fight back. According to AKC, a good idea is to let the dog lick some of their toothpaste from your finger before you start brushing your teeth with it. That way they’ll get adjusted to the taste and feel of the toothpaste.

Contact Professional House Cleaners

Get your house as clean and comfortable as possible before your puppy meet and greet. You don’t want your puppy sniffing or sneezing due to any allergens they may encounter. So if you have a carpeted floor, call professional carpet cleaners who can give it a nice deep cleaning to rid it of any lingering smells, mold, or debris that can hurt a young puppy. Remember, your puppy is still young and vulnerable and there are little things that might affect it that may not affect an older dog.

As the dog continues to grow and get used to your home, having professional housekeepers on hand may benefit you as well. Dogs often shed hair, and some breeds are more susceptible to shedding than others. Regardless of how much you love your puppy, excessive door hair in the house is never a welcome sight. Plus, if your dog has an accident on the floor or furniture, it may be hard for you to fully clean the stains and stop the icky smells. Luckily, regular professional cleaning services can help rid the home of any lingering smells or stains that a growing puppy can bring.

Find a Junk Removal Service
Start clearing out excess trash as you clean your home to prepare for your puppy meet and greet. You may have more trash than you thought. If you have a front or backyard, clear off as much debris as possible. Enlist your local trash services to remove everything for you. There are many junk removal options you can use. Just be mindful of what they allow in their containers. Many junk haulers also recycle stuff, so you can rest assured that those discarded items won’t be filling up a landfill.

Talk to Other Pet Parents

As you approach your pet adoption, discuss what it’s like owning a puppy with other pet parents. They can give you general tips on how to manage your particular breed. You may need advice on how to manage the life cycle your puppy will go through as it becomes a full-grown adult dog. They may also be able to give you recommendations for things such as playpens, doggy parks, veterinarians, and more.

Another great thing about getting to know other doggy parents is that your puppy can have a built-in network of dogs to play with. Remember, dogs are social creatures. So no matter how much they love their master, they still need the company of other dogs. The sooner you can socialize your puppy, the better it’ll be for them, you, and anyone else around.

Update Your Door
As it becomes safe for your puppy to go outside on its own, you may want to update your door so that it can have more independence. In other words, you may want to add a doggy door that goes out into the backyard before the puppy meet and greet. While some homeowners may want to create their own doggy door, it may be easier to get a door that’s already ready. It’s easy to do so with custom doors installation services.

You should check out stores like ProVia and Lowe’s that have many choices for doors with a dog door installed. According to Per Lover Guy, the cost for a basic option can start as low as $100 and go up to $800. However, if you want something more advanced, expect to pay as much as $2000 for an electronic option.

A doggy door gives your puppy independence to use the bathroom whenever they like once they’re house-trained. However, don’t expect your puppy to use this option right away, as depending on how young your pup is when you bring them home, you need to wait long enough for them to get their shots before you can let them out in the backyard unattended.

Build a Protective Barrier
You’ll always need a protective barrier for your dog in your residence, regardless of how old they are. Unless you live on an expansive farm, your dog needs restrictions on how far they can go. In other words, you don’t want them running into the street or over to your neighbor’s property. Even if your dog is friendly, your neighbor may hate dogs or have a dog that doesn’t get along with your pup. Plus, if your dog has socialization issues, they can get outside and bite someone. If that happens, you may be held liable.

Call around your local wooden fence companies for some quotes. A wooden fence around your back or front yard helps to give your dog enough space to roam around, but not get in trouble. Plus, it can also prevent outside intruders with bad intentions from getting onto your property to take your cute puppy. After all, some puppy breeds are expensive and in high demand, such as Labradors, German Shepherds, and Poodles.

Contact Arbortists

When it comes to trees, you may automatically think about your dog having a space to go use the bathroom in. Trees also can provide comfortable shade for your dog. Remember, dogs can overheat just as much as you can in the summer, and they need a nice cool space to relax outside. So, you want healthy trees that can provide nice shade. An experienced arborist knows how to keep trees free from any harmful diseases that may hurt your young puppy.

Before your puppy meet and greet, your local tree services will check those trees for disease and get rid of any dead wood. Sometimes they may need to remove a tree or more to make room for the fence you need to build. Tree services should remove any dead and decaying plants that can easily harbor fleas and ticks. Unless you want to see your poor puppy scratching like crazy and possibly making itself sore from doing so, keep your landscape as free from these annoying pests as possible.

Getting a new pet is always exciting for the family. Whether you love cats, fish, gerbils, or dogs, having an animal around can bring more life to a home. They add to the fun, festivities, and comfort. Plus, when it comes to dogs, you can also have additional protection. According to statistics, dogs are the number one pet in America, so when you opt for pet adoption, you’ll be joining a long list of other dog owners you and your young puppy can bond with. Hopefully, this guide will serve as a way to make your puppy meet and greet easier for you and your new furry friend.