What to Pack When Summer Camping With Dogs


Hana and her three doggo companions Maple, Gumbo, and Aslan from the @mycaninelife channel made a video about what you should bring along when setting up a summer camp with dogs.
Here is all you will need for a one-night trip.

So, first up, you need a tent, preferably one large enough to fit all the people and dogs together in one tent. You will also need a floor saver to ensure you have a barrier between the sleeping area and the ground.

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Especially when it’s wet.

You need a variety of blankets and a sleeping bag to keep warm at night.

It is also wise to bring a headlamp and small, attachable lights for dog collars so that you can see them at night.
If your dog likes to use a dog bed, you can buy a Carlson pet cot because it’s large and lightweight for your dog to have a place to lie off the ground.

Bring sufficient dog food with you. Normally, you can measure the amount needed for your camping days to ensure your dogs will not go hungry. Water is a must, and you must bring sufficient for your dogs and yourself if you are camping away from clean water sources.

To ensure a happy summer camp with your four-legged friends, make sure they have somewhere to sleep, keep warm, and have sufficient food and water. Happy camping.