What to Do After a Dog Bite Accident


Dealing with a dog bite accident can be devastating and physically debilitating, depending on the severity of the attack you are involved in. If you find yourself as a victim of a dog bite accident, knowing how to handle the situation is essential to ensure you are able to recover as stress-free as possible. When you know what steps to take after you’ve been bitten by a dog, you can maintain a sense of calm as you work through the process of healing and getting your life back to normal.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

If you are suffering from a serious dog bite accident, you will need to seek immediate medical attention by calling 911 or visiting a local urgent care, depending on the severity of your injuries. Calling for an ambulance to meet you where you have been injured is often advisable, especially if you were bitten by someone else’s dog and you need to gather information from the owner of the dog before you leave the scene yourself. It is important to seek medical attention immediately to mitigate major bites or injuries and to prevent massive bleeding episodes, which may occur in serious bite accidents.

The Importance of Seeking Medical Attention Immediately

Anytime you have been bitten by a dog or you experience a major accident, calling for medical attention immediately may, in some cases, be a life-saving tactic. If you were bitten by a dog in an area that is sensitive, such as a major artery or even an organ, calling 911 can help stabilize you as quickly as possible without requiring you to move on your own, which can contribute to the trauma of your body before you are able to get the medical assistance you need. Obtaining medical attention immediately after a dog bite can also mitigate and stop blood loss, which can also be life-saving in serious situations.

Exchange Contact Information With the Dog’s Owner

Whether you were bitten at a dog boarding center or a local park, anytime you are involved in a dog bite accident you will need to take the time to exchange contact information with the dog’s owner for legal purposes. This is especially important if you are suffering from major injuries that will require a complete medical recovery or in some cases, even time off and away from work. If you are in need of immediate medical attention and you are unable to exchange information with the other party involved at the time, you may ask someone you know or someone at the scene, such as a police officer, to assist with the information collection process.

Document and Organize Medical Records

If you intend to pursue your dog bite accident case in a court of law, you will need to do so by first organizing and documenting medical records and the injuries you have sustained. If you have any video or photographic proof of the actual incident occurring, it will be extremely beneficial to obtain the evidence in order to present it to a judge or even in front of a jury of your peers. If you were bitten at a dog daycare with a webcam or even in a public location surrounded by commercial buildings, you may be able to request video footage and evidence of the actual accident you were involved in if you intend to utilize it in your actual case.

The Importance of Organizing and Documenting Medical Records

Medical bills can quickly add up, especially if you are an individual who does not currently have health insurance to their name. Ensuring you are able to organize and document medical records after you’ve been bitten by a dog is imperative if you intend to seek financial compensation for your injuries and the amount of time you will require in order for you to heal and make a complete recovery. Organizing relevant medical records will help to prove the extent of the injuries you have sustained in a court of law over a period of time.

Additionally, when you take the time to properly organize and document your medical records, you are also providing a paper trail of proof of any and all doctor’s visits you have had to make and any surgeries or treatments you have also required throughout the healing process. If you are seeking financial compensation for the emotional toll that the accident has taken on you, you will have a greater chance of succeeding with proper documentation in order. The more organized your medical records and evidence appear the easier it will be for you or an attorney to present your case in a court of law or in front of a judge.

Report the Animal if Necessary

After a dog bite accident that results in significant injuries and/or bodily harm, you may need to call the police or even the local animal control near you to file a report. Reporting a violent or vicious animal will help local animal control and law enforcement determine what the best course of action is to take based on the circumstances surrounding the bite and accident you were involved in. After you have reported the animal and have it on official record, you may then want to take some time to research dog bite attorneys who can also represent you if you decide to take your case to court.

How to Find the Right Attorney

When you want to retain an attorney or law firm that specializes in personal injuries and dog bite accidents, you can do so by asking those you know for referrals and personal recommendations, especially if they have also been involved in a similar lawsuit themselves in the past. You can also use well-known search engines such as Google to research law firms that are available near you that currently take on cases that involve dog bite accidents and injuries. If you want to expand your options even more, you can do so by taking your time to compare cases and experience before choosing the law firms or attorneys who are right to represent you and your case.

Consider Training for Your Animal

If you are involved in a dog bite accident with your own dog but you are committed to training and teaching them, you can hire professional dog trainers to assist with the process. Working with a professional dog trainer or seeking dog training courses locally is a way for you to help get your dog on the right track without exhibiting violent or aggressive behaviors. If you want to find training sessions or trainers for your dog individually, you can do so with various apps, online search engines, or by browsing local business listings and directories near you, depending on your current location.

Benefits of Investing in Training for Your Dog

After a dog bite, you may find it difficult to trust your dog again, especially at first. Introducing them to a professional trainer is one of the best ways to help them learn how to socialize and interact with others properly and without aggression. Professional trainers are well-versed in working with different dog types and breeds, which allows them to be a better judge of character when it comes to body language, actions, and behaviors exhibited.

When you choose to hire a trainer to assist with your dog’s own training, you can do so by finding a trainer who specializes in behavioral modification therapy. A trainer will also develop a bond with your dog, which can help them learn how to behave more respectfully and without reacting so quickly. When you are working with the right trainer, you can also inform them of any specific concerns you may have regarding your dog so they are able to work through them together during the ongoing training sessions.

Invest in Fencing Around Your Home and Property

After you have experienced a dog bite, you may be concerned about the level of security and protection you have installed around the perimeter of your own home. If you want to add a layer of protectin to your property, you can do so by investing in wood, metal, or even vinyl fences, depending on the size of your lot, your vision, and the budget you have available for the new fence installation. Investing in a new fence is not only a way for you to protect the surroundings of your home and property from dogs and potential predators, but it is also a way to add value and curbside appeal to your investment.

Seek Cosmetic Surgeries or Treatments

If you were seriously injured after a dog bite accident, you may require cosmetic surgeries that are reconstructive in nature as well as alternative treatments to help aid in the healing process. From seeking a professional cosmetic surgeon to working with a local orthodontist, you will want to document your need for any surgeries or treatments you may require in order for you to make a full and complete recovery. Documenting your need for any cosmetic surgeries or treatments is just as important as doing so for traditional surgeries and life-saving treatments, as the documentation can provide proof of the financial and emotional toll the accident has taken on you.

Retain Legal Counsel

Anyone who has experienced a dog bite accident should take the time to retain legal counsel as quickly as possible from an injury law firm. Retaining an accident and personal injury lawyer is a way for you to spend more time focusing on the actual recovery you require after being bitten by a dog while your case is handled appropriately by a qualified professional. Finding the right lawyer after you have experienced a dog bite accident can also be key to ensuring the outcome you need to get your life back on track once you have been seriously injured or in some cases, even disabled.

Advantages of Retaining Legal Counsel After a Dog Bite Incident

The trauma of being attacked and bitten by a dog can be devastating enough without the assistance of legal counsel. Taking the time to retain an attorney after you have been bitten by a dog is a way to alleviate the stress that is commonly associated with legal matters, especially if you have little to no experience when it comes to handling legal cases on your own. Retaining legal counsel after a dog bite incident is also a way for you to learn more about your case and the options you have based on the evidence and documentation you have available to present.

When you begin working with an attorney who represents you, they will also work as a mediator and as a facilitator, communicating with other parties involved in your case. This can be extremely alleviating for you, especially if you are traumatized after an incident and do not wish to communicate with the parties directly yourself. Additionally, your attorney will take the time to file documents and evidence appropriately and can help you navigate your case based on the type of judge who is currently in charge of your case on an individual basis.

Once you have decided to move forward with your dog bite incident as a legal matter, you will want to do so by taking a bit of time to find the right legal counsel for you. Researching different firms and personal injury attorneys that work near you or in your region is highly advisable before choosing which firm or lawyer to hire directly. You can get to know more about firms and attorneys near you by researching testimonials and cases online and with the use of social media. Compare testimonials and the online presence of a law firm before choosing which attorney you will retain for your own case.

Anytime you are involved in a dog bite accident, taking the appropriate precautions and measures can have a significant outcome on your case, especially if you have been seriously injured in the process. Whether your dog bite accident was caused by your own dog or the dog of someone else, knowing how to approach the situation from each angle is imperative to better navigate the situation. When you are prepared for a potential accident at any time, you can maintain your own peace of mind without feeling lost or overwhelmed.