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Recent Equine Infectious Anemia Case Puts Horse Owners on Alert

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equine infectious anemia virusThe Equine Disease Communication Center recently reported that a confirmed case of equine infectious anemia occurred in Illinois at the tail-end of 2016.

Equine infectious anemia virus expression is a common fear for horse owners; at best, the horse must be quarantined for life. In the worst cases, the disease will prove fatal.

The horse in question was given an equine infectious anemia virus antibody test back in November. The horse was removed from the premises prior to the return of positive results.

“The premises was quarantined,” said the report from the EDCC. “Additional testing of equine on the premises disclosed one additional positive animal. That animal has been euthanized. The remaining animals were negative for EIA.”

Since the spread of EIAV can happen quickly, it’s fortunate that no other animals tested positive. It doesn’t take a lot to infect a horse, either. Just one-fifth of a teaspoon of EIAV-infected blood contains enough of the virus to infect 10,000 horses.

Once a horse is infected, the prognosis is often grim. Fever, depression, anemia, and general weakness are among the disease’s tamer symptoms. In more serious cases, infected horses may experience hemorrhages, irregular heartbeat, abortion of a fetus, and even death.

That’s why it’s so important to obtain regular equine infectious anemia virus antibody tests. These critical veterinary diagnostics tools allow horse owners to get a definitive answer regarding equine infectious anemia virus expression and act quickly when there is a positive result. It can also provide peace of mind for owners who regularly bring their horses to shows or places where their animals come into contact with others.

Overall, the only protection against EIAV is total prevention. There is currently no vaccine or treatment that we know of to combat EIAV, and it’s incurable. Therefore, you need to manage your horses with great care. Be sure to use disposable needles for each horse when administering medication and vaccines. Test your horses at least once each year (or more, if they travel frequently) and at the time of purchase. And ensure that your stables are clean, dry, and free of waste. Since manure and stagnant water are the perfect breeding ground for horseflies, you want to avoid these at all costs.

To find out more about equine infectious anemia virus expression and the testing options we can provide, get in touch with us today.

Another Way to Care for Your Dog or Cat Purchase a Pet Insurance Policy

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Pet insurance for dogs

Are you curious about how much people in the United States spend on their pets every year? Since these pets, such as cats and dogs, are usually considered to be a beloved member of the family, you may not be surprised to see the following amounts:

    Pet food: $20.46 billion
    Pet supplies and over-the-counter medicine: $12.56 billion
    Veterinary care: $13.59 billion

In addition to the above, pet owners also spend a considerable amount on grooming and other services, such as dog walkers and pet daycare centers. According to the American Pet Products Association, people spent $5.41 billion during 2015 on grooming and boarding, and they spent $5.73 billion on these and other services during 2016.

While all these expenses are worth it to ensure a beloved pet’s health an

Life Would Not Be the Same Without Our Pets

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Va vet

There is something about having a loyal, cuddly, playful companion that makes the world seem brighter on the days that the weight of your worries, responsibilities, and stresses might otherwise weigh you down. Pets are more than just animals that happen to inhabit the same space as you. They are living beings with distinct personalities that often will very much become a part of the family.

It is hard to care for such a creature and not feel a bond created. Whether you are a dog person, a cat person, an exotic pet person, or an animal lover in general, it is easy to identify that gleeful warmth that you feel when you wake up in the morning or get home from work and are greeted by an adorable furry friend that is so happy to have you a

Pet Spay and Neuter ClinicsFor the Life of Your Pet

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Paws spay neuter clinic

A pet is, for most people, a member of the family. A pet owner’s interest is to provide their pet with a happy home and a healthy life. One of the things an owner can do to improve a pet’s quality of life is to have them spayed or neutered. The cost for these procedures is typically high; therefore, towns and cities have opened up numerous places where this can safely be done at little or no cost to the owner. A pet spay clinic can be recommended through a local ASPCA or through organizations like PetSmart Charities.

There are valuable benefits to visiting a pet spay clinic or a pet neuter clinic. When a female pet is spayed, it means they will no longer go through their heat cycles; therefore, males will no longer be attracted. The pet’s desire to roam will also be eliminated, and

Protect Your Pets’ Health with Regular Veterinarian Visits

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Low cost dog dental care

While veterinarians recommend that pet owners brush their dogs and cats’ teeth, a recent poll showed that 65% are not doing so. Healthy teeth and healthy gums are essential for a pet’s overall health. Taking care of a dogs or cat/s teeth is part of providing regular pet healthcare.

Adult dogs, for example, have 42 teeth, and 90% of these can be maintained by brushing. It isn’t necessary, however, to floss between their teeth.

Part of dog dental care includes receiving regular oral hygiene visits. During a vet clinic visit, a veterinarian can ensure that their teeth and gums are healthy. Furthermore, they can also evaluate whether or not they have signs of periodontal disease at this time.

Four Tips for Caring for Your Older Dog

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Cat insurance cost

For many families who own dogs, these little (or not so little!) animals become well-loved members of the family. This is particularly true of pets who come into the family when the children are young. Puppy and child grow up together, and the beloved pet becomes an important part of childhood. But just as children grow up, so do the pets. Just how different is caring for older dogs? Here are some suggestions to consider.

Rest and Exercise

One of the obvious changes in older dogs is that they lack the high energy level that puppies posses. You may notice decreased energy during daily walks, playtime in the backyard or at the p

How the Veterinary Practice Is Important to Your Pet

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Pet health care

Most people will agree that household pets are members of the family. Just like anybody else in your family, your pets need proper care to keep them healthy and happy. This is why there are so many veterinary practices around the country; to make sure that your furry friends have professional high quality pet health care. It is especially important for older pets to have check-ups twice a year, and general routine preventive care for pets is also a must. Household pets have to stick to a health routine, just like you do.

At a full service companion animal hospital, nearly any service your pet may need will be available. Veterinarians

The Personal And Professional Veterinary Care

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Veterinary visiting cards

Many underestimate how similar running a veterinary practice is to running any other kind of medical practice. Yes, it’s true that a veterinarian’s patients are animals; however, the medical issues that animals suffer from and their basic needs are not so different from ours. They just can’t express themselves verbally. With that being said, they do have owners who can — and many pet owners love their animals just as much as they love their human friends and family. Pets really are members of the family, and it’s important that, in an industry facing high competition, veterinarians acknowledge that. The fact is that many different veterinary practices have qualified, talented professionals on staff. They also offer the same services for the most part, with few high-level specialized vets on hand in

Understanding the Importance of Equine Infectious Anemia Virus Antibody Test Kits

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Food safety

Although American society and humans in general have come a long way in terms of animal welfare and the treatment of animals as sentient beings, there is still a long, long way to go. It’s hard to believe that at one time, people actually believed that animals didn’t feel pain! Ironically, it still seems like that is true in some instances today, such as with the entire factor farming industry. Despite these setbacks however, animals are now finally beginning to get the treatment, love, and respect that they deserve. Thanks to advances in healthcare and veterinary laboratory services, food safety testing companies that no longer test on animals, and changing cultural values, animals are now viewed a

More and More Companies Offering Pet Insurance Policies

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Pet insurance company reviews

The pet insurance market, although relatively small, is on the rise.

According to BenefitNews, the pet healthcare industry is seeing an increase in insurance for pets and overall animal care.

“Pets are treated less like work animals and more as a member of the family,” said Scott Liles, president and chief pet insurance officer at Nationwide.

Wholly one-third of Fortune 500 companies now offer some sort of pet insurance plans and that number looks like it will continue to increase.

“The market is small,” Liles said, “but growing.”

Insurance for pets might be a relatively new happening, but it makes sense. Pets have such a strong emotional connection wit